Hello there! International & Universal Infinity Day is YOUR Day to Celebrate Philosophy, Art, Science and Life! It is a day when we should encourage everyone to Think Deeply, Ponder Deep Philosophical Questions, such as: What Is IT All About?, Why Are We Here?, What are the Logical Implications of a Universe that is Infinite?, How Can We Bring About An Everlasting Era of Enlightenment, of Wisdom, of Peace, Love, Empathy, Understanding, of Ethics? This is a day which to Us Represents everything that is the opposite of Ignorance, the opposite of Irrational Hate & Fear, the opposite of Brutal Intolerance and Barbaric Violence. Infinity Day is for Philosophers, Artists, Scientists, Spiritual & Scientific Lovers of Life, who seek to unravel the many mysteries of Life, of Existence before and beyond Life, of the Universe itself! As Albert Einstein so aptly put it: "He ( or She, or Shim ) who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his ( her or shem's ) eyes are closed." - Albert Einstein . Infinity Day was originally created by the Philosopher-Poet-Artist Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo in 1988. You are more than welcome to share this site with all the other wonderful people in your life. The first step to restoring sanity and peace to our World is by means of Voluntary Grass-roots Educational efforts, such as sharing this site and its related information with everyone! Feel free to contact us and share with us your own events and activities you plan for this and every forthcoming Infinity Day. Best, The Infinity Day Website People. Note: This Infinity Day Official Website is Approved by Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo.

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